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Lost in World Vo Hiep (Translation)

The most famous fish in Lac Chau

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Super martial arts of the beginning of the new year 2018 Of course the story or truyenyy ❤ School search for pink is crazy. The wine goes to heaven! Through the door of his hand. We walk to the top of the world World Dance Dance!

Will be the word us open transmission! 【Ỷ Ỷ Ỷ】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】】 We have new translation to Department of the two methods of this invite you to read

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Chapter 1: ❤ Top Quang Minh ❤

 Lost in World Vo Hiep (Translation)

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Chapter 1: Quang Minh Peak.

Inside the Con Lôn Sơn Mountains, on a piece of land.

This is the switchboard of Minh Nguyen in the martial arts.

Most of the forces of Wanderer, no matter whether it is the Tao or the wrong, wrong religion, elementary school, minor. No one dares to dwell in this place down the subject.

Just because there is any place where there is Buddhism, there are no schools near here.

Five years ago, at the campaign of Vuong Son Son, Kim Mao Su Tu Tuan of Minh Giao took Long Dao to threaten, killing countless trenches.

In the meantime, Ming has become the echoes of the name!

. . .

. . .

Vo Lam Chi, Bao Doo Long!

Order of the people, who dare not follow!

Pitchers, permanently unavoidable windy fishy blood.

Look around the world!

People in the Wanderers do not want to fight the martial arts, dominate the dozen decades?

In the face of the powerful Ming, martial arts in the martial arts automatically assume that the manga, but no one dares to officially come to provocation!

Only see!

On the flat Quang Minh flat but high, can see East Hai Hai Canh, Tay Hai Phong Phong, beautiful scene collected in sight.

The only people in the Gypsy is known as the Taoist, but they do not know who is known as the Maitreya, the subject has such beautiful scenery, so people do not want to leave. .

A young man has observed the four sides, followed by the advance advance.

The body is small but stable, a kind of contrast that makes the friends around it a little hard.

Maybe remember your memory!

The teen sighs slightly, inside the calm gaze, naturally a little panicked

"This is Ming Dao?" low-pitched natural voice, from the mouth of the teenager slightly out.

In the heart of this teenager, there is a secret earthquake. .

He called the Department and not the people of this world.

The reason he went to this place, is because he initially accidentally pushed out a Taoist.

Is he through!

From a modern man, through to the world 【Ỷ Thien Long Ky】 this!

As for why they were pushed to this place, this kind of story is also the Department of the French lawless also explained, he just know that he passed.

But a little bit, the Department of Memory very clear.

In the first place in his head, which pushed the door to this world, it was the moment he saw the words 【Ỷ Thien Long Ky】 this!

God saw it immediately.

Department though is a martial artist!

But also do not want, enter the body of an orphan, especially the time when the village of Thát Tu a screen.

If not just be disciplined by disciple Kim Ky 【Minh Dien】 discovered, Department of the expected to expect yourself!

Thinking of this, the Department of the Department of not a little feeling excited with the same emotions!

As a martial arts enthusiast, the Department of the most popular sect, not 【Wudang】 or 【Shaolin】 degree of this college.

Completely in contrast, he was reluctant to be confused by the people in the confession called Ma Ming 【Ming】.

Not the same, this type of political sect, and Thầy Tu vowing joint feud is 【Ming】.

Acting against evil, acting as a reminder, immediately compared to the so-called 【Ming education】, so that people are much more honor.

This is why, after being disciplined by the Ming dynasty disciples, the Department of Liberation also did not leave the money, he still insisted on staying on top of Quang Minh!

He wants to join 【Ming religion】!

. . .

. . .

Practice martial arts, to spread the giang lake!

This is what modern people after transcending the most wanted to visit, Department of the Department of course is no exception!

Too bad, to practice martial arts, it is not so easy, at least need to become an official disciple of 【Ming】, eligible to stay in the spear later.

Which Department of the current!

To him this distance, like the lake is far away. . .

He did not think about leaving, then saw himself through the martial arts, practicing eight more