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Celestial Beauty (Translation)

Author of Anh Lac grave

Genre of Fantasy Anthology of Women

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Publication year 2015

Yang Xiaodong, an ordinary female student, can not be more normal. Once inadvertently, find the person you love deep with your buddy bumper! All that she thought was deep love was just deception, disgust was disgusted is the truth about their feelings for her. When she suffers to die of resurrection, a Goddess of Heaven does not know where it falls from. From here, all sorts of enmity come together. Become beautiful, skilled in foreign languages, dance, knit, instrumental, ritual, ... everything she slowly learned easily. After all, resilience, arrogance. gas ... shine radiate the charm of the four directions, the more to the countless talents of men together to fight. He's a bad guy, He's a good guy, He's a hero, He's countless, he ... Faced with love, she laughed at the end, in the end who can use sincere warm heart to melt this frozen heart ...

Chapter 1: Osteoporosis

 Celestial Beauty (Translation)

 Anh Lac burial grounds

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In the bedroom of 4 people, 4 beds are neat, clean, just look can know this is the girl's bedroom, sunny April through the glass window into the bedroom, sunshine nursed on the sun Understanding Dong, do not she made her eyes narrow. Grab your hands to cover the sun shining dazzling glare, lifting hands to look at the lake only 11:30 am, on the face carrying a sweet smile, was about to lunch a.

Moving fast as a machine, changing into sleepwear, repairing a phen, carrying thick glasses, smiling face spit out of the bedroom. Sisters in the room early to eat dinner, only she is now out the door, because she has to wait her boyfriend, Honor!

This year, she is eating rice every day, now she would like to see him soon. Unlike normal couples, over time, they get tired of each other, but Duong Xiao Dong finds out that, as time goes on, she becomes more interested in Missing More, taking all her heart. She placed on him.

As always, when one truly loves a person, he will love him.

She, Yuan Xiaodong, 20 years old, is a sophomore in Dali. She is a normal student, her appearance is normal, her study is also relative, so after the second year without hesitation moved into this place, into the new environment, for her that has not changed. what is too big

In the difficult home, causing her life to be distressed, because she did not want to let her husband have more pressure, so she has just done school, just have free time will go to work at a restaurant, although not Time free, but she found life is rich.

A year ago, she accidentally discovered that she was not the son of her parents, about her biological parents who she did not know, nor have questions or inquiries.

Over the years, she has been treating them as her biological parents, who treated her so unlike her younger brother. After knowing this truth, she became more grateful to her parents. They knew that for her, they exchanged so much, she needed their self-reliance to tell them.

Life is hard, without her life will not be like now, so decided her future must be filial to them. Time for college, her greatest joy is acquainted with the God of Silence (Sally: I was happy too soon).

At one incident, at the restaurant she had known him, later discovered two people in the same school, feel good conditions. As such, two people gradually get together, two three months later two people established relations.

This is the first love of Dong Xiaowen, she still treasures it, she always tries her best to make herself eligible to be his girlfriend, The Silhouette for her is also very good, so that pulling Until now, for you, this is happiness.

Standing outside the dormitory door waiting for a while, more than 11:45 am, how did he not yet? Understanding Dong frowned, normal now he was soon here!

Taking a mobile phone, through a ringing bell finally someone answered: "Heaven, where are you?" Across the sound is a little noisy, must be outside. He was busy with lunch today. Embarrassed, I go to eat before. "Listen to the Simplicity, she said smoothly:" There is nothing, what do you do, I go to eat before. "

Thiên Lỗi is a third year student, recently started to practice, so sometimes busy. If God does not go out to eat together, she also does not have the excitement to eat, the opposite is not busy at all with a walk around the canteen, the current is also there.

Time to go with God because I do not like