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Sudden Success


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Hoang Tran is a Pharmacist graduated from Hanoi University of Pharmacy. He graduated and worked at a French pharmaceutical company with offices in Hanoi. He married a very good son. During one of the company's projects, he was sent to Beijing to work ... his career began from there. Late, but nothing can not happen. Let Hoang Tran explore the realms of his path of cultivation!

Chapter 1: Choices

 Sudden Success


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 14:55 18/01/2018

Huang Chen woke up in a dream state, his whole body feeling helpless and painful. He opened his eyes and looked around, an unfamiliar scene smashing into his eyes, causing the light to shine. He was lying in a stone room, which would have called a cave more appropriate. The cave is not very large, about 15 m2 but clean, where he lay a bed of stone, the middle of the cave has an ancient stone table on top of the ancient bass is slightly suspicious. A strange smell filled the room, a fresh feeling poured into the body. On the roof of the cave is an ancient, but very vivid bowl with a sacred, fanciful feeling.

Hoang remembered that he was flying on a flight from Hanoi to Beijing when the plane crashed due to unusual weather conditions, a tornado swallowed whole and he could not remember anything more. the sound of the wind and the sound of the crash, the loud bang ... then he lost consciousness.

But I still live, but Asia ... Hoang Tran sighed as he tried to try to sit up.

Province? An old sound came from the back of the room.

A tall, silver-haired old man, dressed in a strange outfit, unlike he'd ever seen on a television, slowly came out to look at him kindly. Province is good, how do you see the body?

I'm alive? Did you save me?

Oh, you're Vietnamese, It's lucky you met me. He was unconscious for 3 days. That accident just survived him, it is so coincidentally when we break the scene to go out to meet him, find a charm should save him a network. What's your name?

Thank you very much, I am Hoang, Tran family brother called Hoang Tran.

Oh, are they star? The old man's eyes seemed reminiscent of something, and then quickly returned to normal.

Where do you ask me?

This is Hoang Sa District an island district in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Is Hoang Sa island he?


What's your name?

The Nguyen family, you just called Nguyen is the predecessor. How do you feel about your body?

I only feel helpless, unable to control.

Of course, the bones of my whole body are broken, if not met, it has been long gone, there is something I have given him to complete the preservation of his network, but to recover should be considered. how's your pick?

Your choice? Do you have any way to save me, I gratitude for his lifetime!

Ha ha ... your network has been doing for several decades. Life is just a moment, wind clouds are flying away.

Your stems are cured, but your organs are severely damaged if the cure is not normal, there are two ways for you to choose:

If you agree to stay here and enter my sect, then I will help you to rebuild your body and impart to you the cultivation practice of the ancestors, to go to where it depends on yourself .

If we do not agree to stay here, we will treat the bones and temporarily restore the body, but the feeling is only about 10 years. Then I will delete the memory here and send you back to Vietnam.

10 years old, this year is 30 years old .... but you have the right to practice law, and then life, how can I go home?

Tu duong is not the moon, life expectancy depends on the virtue of each person. I have seen, the quality of the child is quite good, the metaphor is doped unclear unclear, but if converted well can also be cultivated to the muscular structure, about 2-300 years old. It is not possible to visit the home, initially giving the child 2 years time to arrange the housework. After that, I will not be able to visit home until I reach the structure, with the enlightenment of the child it must take 100 years.

100 years .... Can you give me one night?

Do not think too well, not everyone can get me. Opportunity only once.

The forefathers finished talking and lost ...

Left alone, in the head of Hoang Tran appeared many pictures of family friends and colleagues. 2 years or 10 years ...... if with the nature of his only mechanical architecture like stars say.

The first is a new concept: Nguyen says: there is a meteoric, mechanical, periodic, the United Kingdom, United States, .... If you know the coast will take measures to improve muscle I can not believe I can not go any further.

It was decided, Ho