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The Great Way (Translation)

Fighting Mainland II

Author Gia Tam Thieu Street

Genre of Tien Hiep gender

Status continues ...

Letter number 30,837

The 100%

Updated 43 minutes ago

Publication year 2014

Ages 12+

In charge of Van Yen Chi Sen

There is no magic, no fighting, no martial arts, only one thing called Vu Mon. In the land of the Great Wall, the Mon Gate after ten thousand splendor began to enter the recession. A new class of talent appeared, whether the new generation of Shaanxi Qin Dynasty to revitalize the Road or not? Can the ancient epic of Tang once again?

The body of the soul of the beasts, the hand of the Imperial Court of the Holy Spirit, when he appeared, added a new life for the weakened Gravity. All the mystery gradually unfolded ...

Can the temperament of Gravity can once again glory galaxies? Huyen of the ancient Mon have reasonable yet again? Everything is here - The Great Road.

Chapter 1: The Gods

 The Great Way (Translation)

 Gia Tam Thieu Street

 1,188 Words

 12:50 30/01/2018

The light is like the mother's hand gently cover the small clouds, the sky is virtual but brings a strange feeling vibration. Far away inside the light that flashed the shadow of a palace that was not real.

A shadow in the shadow, silent watching the sky far away, do not know what to look.

From behind, it is easy to see the long blue hair covering his heels, unless he has a large shoulders body that thinks he is a girl. He is wearing a set of marble also blue, the top of the hiding in the water ripples, if you look intently, surely the blink will be attractive, even to the soul is also attracted to in that vast blue sea.

This guy is about twenty years old, his face is tuấn but has a very deep eyes. At first glance it is empty, but it is covering everything, just a ray of light flashes can also vibrate the heart.

- Haizzz ...

He sighed lightly on his forehead, his eyes narrowed a bit, his eyes closed, seeming to understand the secular ethics.

- Tam ca.

There was a soft voice coming from the sky, who slowly walked towards the young man, who gently folded his arm, moving as naturally as he had done. countless times.

The one who arrived was a girl in long pink chalk, her hair was neatly combed, she glanced over to see the beautiful white thongs, and her long skirt hugged her. a perfect figure.

She grinned at the young man's arm, gently resting his head on his shoulders, her hair curling softly and then touching the other's blue hair, silently wrapped around it.

On the face of the young man's tuxedo revealed a reluctant smile, but still sweet said:

- She was a mother and still naughty!

The girl dressed in pink pollen heard so little dissatisfaction, curved lips replied:

- What is a mother doing? Can not do baptism again? Whether he is now the Legion of Prostitution or false gods is still the Tam Road, is Tam ca of cards.

Tam hug took pink skirt girl to the chest, smiling said:

Of course it could be, no matter what, she is still the one Yuu loves most. Just do not let our conservative daughter see it. If not both of them scramble.

Xiao Yu heard the Road Tam reminded her daughter smile softly, on the face of gentle expression:

- The first cottage that likes to cling to him, I have to sleep at bedtime can take advantage of some private time. Tam ca, just recently saw him seemed unhappy, back to the story of the mainland Lu?

Tam slightly nodded, than an hour:

- In the Divine Realm, one day is one year under the earth. Regardless of Position (space) is the same. At first I intend to stay in La Lu Luc for a while but because of the covenant of the two gods Thien Luong and Ta Er that can not not return to the Divine Master presided over. Unbelievably over the Spirit of more than twenty years, under the Great Mainland was the ten thousand years, the ancient Monk was the old thing.

Xiao Wu said angrily said:

- The two deities and the evil Ta is too clever. The two borrowed to go down to the playground, it is true that the fault. If they were here, they would have been a little more relaxed.

Tam says:

- The gods and gods of false pretenses, these two positions look high but also a lot of responsibility, so no one is willing to assume a! Fighting for over ten thousand years, seems a little disorder. Mostly four thousand years ago, the outer shell changed, causing the continents to collide, increasing the size of the continent.