Как проходит осмотр после насилия

Long King Legend

Author Gia Tam Thieu Street

Huyen Huyễn genre

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Year of publication 2016

Ages 15+

Reflected by the progressive scientific and technological progress, La Luan on top of humanity conquered the ocean, discovered two mainland pieces. The animals also follow the monk Hunting souls killed invisible direction to kill, sleep drunk countless years of Souls of the United Kingdom in the last Sâm Sâm Lâm Tinh Tinh awakening, it wants to lead still living the clan, human direction kind of revenge!

Wu Llan wishing to become a powerful monk, when Vo Hon waking, awake, is again. . .

Chapter 1: Chapter 1-1: Introduction

 Long King Legend

 Gia Tam Thieu Street

 956 words

 18:29 24/10/2016

The trees are so dense that the sun can not penetrate, so in the forest, the place is dark.

Deep in the forest, there is a small lake, clear lake bottom, clear as a block of deep blue glass, but the water level of the lake is far away, like can always become dry.

Life in the lake, though not strong, but rather weak.

By the lake, there is a person standing.

He dressed in a black suitcase, aged more than forty, his face firmly curved, with a blonde hair on his forehead.

He stands horrified, atheistic eyes, looks down.

Not far from him, there are others, fat are thin, morphs are different, but everyone's eyes are very bleak.

"Animals." A lady in green long dresses quietly walked behind him, reverently speaking.

The son is called the Spirit of a slightly shivering, the mouth of the mouth bit up bitter, "Animal Gods, our Animal Soul is now afraid that only there is this, who do we also god?

"The ten thousand years since Vu Hao's creation of the Miracle Tower has gone through, it has been through the whole ten thousand years." The Spirit Tower is still there, and we are coming back. Should I kill?

"Humanity is so strong, we can not stand it.

"Right . . ." The lady of the skirt still wants to say something.

But the beast lifted his head, his eyes shot out two platinum magnets, the terrorist outbreak, the whole world trembling.

"Oh ... um ... n ... g ..." The ground at their feet vibrated very quietly, soon after, the surface of the lake boiled, emerged countless balloons. The air balloons flying up, the frequency of seismic also fast and strong up.

"What happened? Mankind has come?" panther princess skirt panic.

"Diarrhea with them!" A high-pitched drowning raged, the one who flashed, turned into a hero higher than thirty meters tall, shiny golden body.

"Hung Quan, sober, not human." The high voice shouted, the grim face appeared an incredibly cheerful beam.

"Done, done, done." a low bass sound does not signal repeatedly repeated, this sound as subtle as the four directions to the direction, because the voice is so low, so not hear it is male or female.

"Oanh-" the ground cracked, the forest trembling trembling, the lake water only a few in the lake are pulled down, exposed to the bottom of the lake.

"Brake -" a stream of water from the crack of the ground flushed against the shore.

It was a huge claw, a brilliant silver, above the silver dial that was silver hexagonal scales. Each scales are bright, the sound created also carry a force of force to force all living creatures to kneel down bowing.

The goddess's eyes are glad, he steps one step, kneels one knee to the ground, reverently: "welcome the master."

All the land exploded, the strong winds made the Cửu Hùng more than thirty meters were flung flying, a large body higher than a hundred trượng flying into the sky, then, down to the ground.

Like a giant tree suddenly rising from the ground, all the human beings around it are transformed into beasts, but as compared to the giant monster, they are nothing but small animals crawling on the ground. .

"He's dead, but I'm alive." The sound is low as if roaring, carrying the four tragic heart. "Humans are despicable, want to destroy us? If we are awake, then the moment they are destroyed, is also coming."

The brilliant silver glow, making all the Great Beasts dare not look straight, all the crooks down, trembling for joy.

"God, the human race is now overwhelming, our most powerful armor, we can not stand it for a long time, humanity has the power of science, we do not fight back. "

The giant silver figure slowly lowered his head and said, "To destroy them, you must understand them first. We are going to conquer the world of them. "

The giant body slowly walks out in the forest, under the tall trees,