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Wind Gods


Author of the Spirit of Hong Dau

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Publication year 2017

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It all started when the main was hit by a wind chime system, and then from a "serious honest" (self-recognition), the main force must go up the road to the wind not to return ... .

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Chapter 1: The Cutting System (1)

 Wind Gods

 The Spirit of Hong Dau

 1,897 words

 09:05 01/02/2018

- Oh, son, is seven and a half hours, get up? - The voice of his father rang out in the living room - Get interview opportunities of international Van Hao like cake from the sky fell down, do not lose that big. Is that the top 500 of the world know?

Zhang Xiaogan sitting in front of the computer, is online to find a hundred ways to pass the interview, just watched and answered:

- I'm watching the documentary. You go to work. This time I will do well!

- Ừ! Try it up! "Dad," he said, dressing up, as he said, "You've been home for half a year since you graduated. You can not find a job for the soul. This time it was true that he had eyes. Find my breakfast, I go to work before listening.

Trương Tiểu Kiếm:

- You know, go away.

Shut the door sounded, Zhang Xiaoping looked at the computer screen just lament:

- One, find out the material of the interview company. Um, this is it. The interviewed company is Van Hao International Joint Stock Company, shortly called Van Hao or Van Hao Group. Short name: Van Hao International, number 000002. In 1988, Van Hao entered the real estate industry, experiencing nearly 30 years of development, becoming the leading real estate company in the country. Currently mainly business includes exploring together real estate service ...

- Two, self-introduction. My name is Zhang Xiaon, male, 24 years old, graduated from the 12 major marketing department of the Institute of Materials City of Tianjin ...

- Three, convince judges interview. I must stress that I will not be troubled by the company, will not easily move to another company ...

"The wind detector system detects the host. Being linked, please wait a moment ... "

Listen to the sound system appears in the head, Zhang Xiaoping full face:

- What system ?!

He thought so, in his head immediately appear a chibi image, at first glance is himself.

At the same time, the sound of the system also rang -

- The wind detector system successfully connected. Documentation of the host is being considered.

Full name: Truong Xue Kiem.

Age: 24.

Gender: Male.

Occupation: Temporary no.

Husband / wife: Temporary no.

Trương Tiểu Kiếm:

- Wait a moment. What system are you talking about?


- Winding system.

Trương Tiểu Kiếm:

- Your name is laughing?


- Please pay attention to your speech. Otherwise, there will be an electrical shock of the system.

Trương Tiểu Kiếm:

- But I see your name is so funny a ...

"Tires! Safes --!!!"

In the blink of an eye, Zhang Xiaogun's entire body was hit by a blue electric current, the hair all standing up!

Zhang Xiaogan spit out a stream of black smoke: "..."


- So what now?

Zhang Xiaon nodded his head nodded:

- Does not matter! Absolutely no problem! His name is extraordinary cattle, high-class generous again upstream!


- Thanks for the compliment.

Then continue -

- Looking at available resources of the host, please wait a moment ...

- Have reviewed the resource. Current usable resources: None. Total current available host financing: 2197.88 (RMB).

- Upcoming events: Interview with Real Estate Marketing Officer of Central Austria - Van Hao International, City of Tianjin.

- The current pillar properties of hosts: Force 76; Reaction 82; Traveling speed 69; Endurance 81; Powertrain 56; Sexual ability 68; Beauty 59.

- Assessing the level of the host, please wait a moment ...

- Current rank of host: Unemployed.

Zhang Xiaogin: "..."

Is your beauty value so low ?! Not to 60 points! Unacceptable!

The system did not care about him, continued ---

- Pillar I capacity of the system: The ability of the host to cut the wind can be realized or can not be realized. It can be implemented naturally.

- Pillar II capacity of the system: After making people afraid, the host can get the fear score provided by the enemy, used for shopping in the mall.

- The lowest limit of the system: All the talk subjects of the host must necessarily amplify it often, otherwise there will be electrocution.

What ?!

Zhang Xiaoguang