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I was in the United Son with the Five High commentary low, was once in Black Hero Force war hero. We have seen Lu Xiu Xiu Tung The only, also aware of Lee Diem Hoa DAO. I also went to Korea to fight the Vice Revelation Lam, who was the same director Ta Guo martial arts. Slowly on the road Wanderer, the high sword, they are with their sword, this is my sword, to the extreme where? This is a passage in the martial arts world of a man in the ear of the lifetime of the media.

Chapter 1: Tieu Long

 Trans World Toa At Vu Hiep Destination Hotel Search

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 11:33 31/01/2018

Chapter 1: Long before

Tuyen long, behind the Lake in the long post-mortem, Lam Diek crossed his feet sitting on the ground, at his knees on the top, drop lying a sword, normal sword.

Accompanied by a gentle breeze blowing, leaves sprout echoing.

Slowly, Lam Diep opened his eyes, incredibly indifferent, delirious as calm as the lake.

Traveling to this world has been sixteen years old, from the beginning until now completely integrated into this world.

Anything that is too late, Lam Diep said that he came in is an ordinary world, but straight to hear his own Tong long inside the conversation people, with one thing, Lam Diep I know how to go to a world.

Full of Truth, Bang Bang, Hoa Son Luan Kiem, Five Grace, Giang Nam lost in the long battle with Yau Vu.

You know, all these things, Lam Diep can finally assert himself to be like a world.

Fighting world.

Excited, afraid, excited.

Too much is more than happy, martial arts, for anyone to say they have too.

"Sixteen years of enlightenment, ten years of training, not our own, can not be completely understood, let alone here is not that I want to find the way." Slightly closed eyes, Lam Diep in the heart whisper.

Compared to the world of martial arts of this kind, Lam Diep is still a secret, the other is in the heart of a human perspective, white as snow, si love to find people.

He approached the realm of the realm, because he had done it without cause.

His maneuver, no one can see, because possession can see the people were buried deep in the loch.

He lied, using the word that there was no way of describing it, because it was his deepest inner being.

Sword: Xiamen Xiu Snow.

Do not know what the cause, Lam in the heart naturally appearing Xiamen Xiu Snow picture.

His direction, his sword, his lover, Lin, all are able to sense.

But Lam Diep knows, in this world only know a Xiamen Xiu Snow.

I did not learn Xiamen Xuyet Snow, nor is there any way to achieve the Xiamen Xuyen Dao.

I myself have no way to do the right way to make Xiamen Xuyen Snow accidentally.

But now, Lin Xiep, who has brought Xiamen Xiu Snow can teach himself things, all have learned also.

Heart of mind, with the sword, with the heart.

Kill men before the bath boys, because the sword with the wall; killing people are worth dying, decided not to overtake the innocent, is for the people.

With the sword, can not enter the sword only; With people, can be the great Dao.

This one sentence, Lam Diep used sixteen years have just enlightenment, just understood.

This is all the guests have a kind of spirit, a kind of mental sword.

"It's time to go see the so-called Wanderer." Slowly stood up, must lightly hand claw the claw of the sword, Lam Diep slightly cocked eyes, looking deep blue sky.

Interior aspect, Lam Diep is the most common practice, the most basic internal only.

It is also the practice of introductory internal affairs.

Unlike the contemporary head of inner psychic practice, but Lam Diep know, contemporary leading all the law, too is also the most basic internal work method of change that.

Progress, the internal consistency is far superior to the basic internal.

So Lam Diep will not be naive in the beginning is the best, this is too deceive people lie.

It can be through the creation of human justice, Lam Diep from not thinking that they spend a lifetime of creativity, compared to the original exist.

No matter how much, but enough is enough.

Now, but based on the internal aspect, Lin Mei is now considered to be the most popular.

The most memorized is what level, in the lo lo below what the hell.

Along with the Five, these people, if talked to rely on the inner workings of speech, Lam Diep naturally can not compare, so