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We Can Turn To Fish (Translation)

Big Fish Fish Swallowing System

Author of the Fish Eat Dragon Meat

Genre Urban Dying

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The number of letters 93,356

The 100%

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Publication year 2014

Ages 12+

In charge of Van Yen Chi Sen

Tien discovered that he can turn into a fish, eat smaller fish than he can constantly evolve, can dominate the fish, can improve the fish!

So in reality, he has the fish sold to the world, he is considered fishing grounds as gold, he ...

Which in the endless ocean, accompanied by him is Shark, Kình Ngu, giant octopus ... Countless sub-disciples, to the level of wind up the sky!

Chapter 1: We can turn into fish

 We Can Turn To Fish (Translation)

 Fish Eat Dragon Meat

 1,392 Words

 20:43 07/08/2017



"This damn weather!" Department of Fairy frowned, peering out

Outside, the rain was falling down, causing the shop to close (1).

From the inside of the cupboard to the mats and blankets spread on the ground, take out the sink

Brushing teeth immediately into the blanket, thunder deafening outside the Fairy

a little frustrating.

"There is a month left to rent, as a escape" on the Department

Show a miserable smile.

Graduated two years, the first year out to do the job but not a year

These do not have any achievements, on the contrary also bear the gas (2) so

Then let yourself think to build your career.

Thinking about the last month, he asked his parents for 30,000 VND to rent a house

near the university opened the fish shop.

Since opening the store until now, there is no expensive rent for every month

The word is not up to 3 thousand, so later the Department of Tien do not rent room

Outside at the shop.

"Clear it, the author of the story so gay, despise gay name bastard brother

You are permanently helpless. "

I read that the author is gay, angry scolded.

Reading the story on is the primary method of killing the Department

However, my current author read more than a month as gay as Fairy

I do not want to read, hearing outside the power to make him bitter


"Ai" Fan Fairy sighed slightly, bored into the game store on the phone,

Look at the phone on hand Fawn Hand click download GAME Big Fish Swallow

Baby Fish

"Wifi can not upgrade to 40mbs next door? Or is

sell computers here, curse you like me. "

the phone looks at download speed, there is a little whisper.

"98% ... 99% ... Coming soon." Tien looks at the download speed of 99%, on the road

out smile


Suddenly an electric shock struck the frame, the thunder of the brain

transmitted to.

"After pissing fart, the sky is not shameless"

the thunder rushed to his feet, anger over his mouth.

He did not see his phone suddenly turned black, above

Phone screen appeared: Big fish swallowing baby fish are innovating

1% ... 10% ... 20% ...

Squeeze the quilts of the Fairy Tile again lay down, because the cause of myopia should

He did not see the words, but he felt the phone had a handwriting

As the top of the phone flashes.

"Shit, my Samsung!" On the face of the Department of the Fair revealed panic, panic

throw the phone away.


The thunder and the phone rang, the Department of Fairy felt his hand

There is no job immediately from the blanket stand up, open the light on the soul of the tomb

frown on the forehead.

"Where is the phone?" On the face of the Department of Fairy look suspiciously around, even dead

Phone after the fire is also not seen.

"How can Samsung, even if the explosion is still true?" On

Facing a black piece of thinking to the phone to buy 1 thousand

It has not been half a year yet, but it explodes!

"Clear it, more than a thousand." Fairy Department of anger find a single, determined even

no body also, on the face of the heart pain.

"Everything is not right!"

"Nail. Large fish swallowing system has been installed, whether or not started