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Train the Divine

Author Thi Thi Van Tu

Genre of Tien Hiep

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Ages 5+

Brief introduction ︰ the god in hand, fine women have

High school students from the time when a rear ring, live activities arise the sudden change of landslide, high temperature of the school, gorgeous beauty, seductive woman, in his life

Therefore, Tong Nghien extraordinary suffering, Faces a lot of fine women, is collected, is still collected, is still collected?

Chapter 1: Heavenly Ring

 Train the Divine

 Real Thi Van Tu

 3,390 Words

 15:11 16/01/2018

"Do not really invite us, take us a trip three" Tong Yei just went to the classroom, two high-school boys in front of him to go, bent on the head of a gas arrogance toward the direction


"What bothered me, hurry up," saw him in astonishment, a name in which the discontented boy pushed him a moment.

"Well, I'll go with you." Tong Yunho seemed to nod, followed by two tall boys behind him.

Another school in the woods, a long-haired male with two hands in his pants pocket, turns his back on Tong, standing in the middle of the two students who bow to him. ︰ " Shortage, we bring this child brought "

The long-haired boys slowly turned around, their eyes slightly fierce, between the two eyebrows carrying some of the gas, suddenly, his mouth appeared a deliberate rasp, bringing his index finger toward him. ︰ "Tong Yuan, know why call you here?"

Song Suspect or shake a head ︰ "Do not know"

Expression of the corner of the mouth to consider the more serious ︰ "First of my own two slaps, I will tell you how the matter"

As a result, Tongyi slightly changed his face, in a childlike way he dodged through a cold air, he was in school still know what to do, does not mean that can immediately let the bully

"Missing, I wonder without guilty too you, you do that is excessive?"

"How overpriced?" The source of insult to pout lips ︰ "As if you are the same ** rays, missing a finger can hit the big dead, just a slap on his face twice, at present, lack of home replacement deliberately, kneeling self-sabotaged slap ten times, as if for you debates praise "

Tong Nghien standing in place did not budge, in the child but ignored the angry mind, this is the essence of the Too despise

"Mother egg, Tie lack of you to kneel, also standing the captain." Nguyen Thanh Thanh a retired lawyer turned toward the small foot, intended to bring him kick fell to the ground.

I can not stand it anymore

Tong Gui anger, one step away, detachment of the enemy attack, cold track him ︰ "You should not force me"

"U a dare to escape, the child is very obese," Wang Fei said backward, the direction of Tong Yin up, raised a hand to palm here

The source of his hands on the pants pocket, smiled to see this situation, his two entourage are fighting each other, if he is not in the same time, so much to him to taste a bit miserable

On the other hand, the entourage stood on the spot where he did not budge.

Eyes saw Wong Fei hands immediately want to fall into the face of the face, suddenly, Song Ruan to take a step back, separated Fong hand palm, pick up, he frankly definitely throw out a slap, in between the cheekbones


A neat, neatly triple clap of applause, followed by a wry, fluttering backward movement of Wong Fei, using his unbelievable gaze. Only dare to finish, strong for him a slap

On the face of the other pain so painful that he is angry, the eyes are more blurred pink ︰ "Garbage, Lao Tzu want to kill you"

Coming, Wong Fei screamed, the second turned to Tong Lianyung, the right arm swung out, straight to Tongyuan two cheeks that go

Seeing that, Tong Zhiyuan two eyes slightly, suddenly kick out a charge


Hit the ground below Faye Wong in a flying sound, falling at two meters outside

"Garbage, the same ** the rays are not collected, you two go together" one side of the Sacred Heart

On the other hand, the name of the adjutant brought Wong Fei up, his face unattainable eyes staring Tong, then the two left to right him turn away

One right still beat Tong's two cheeks, on the other hand a feeble but rocky towards his legs.

"Wanna die "

Tong Yung lightly, fled that out, directly to go between two people, the two wings