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You are not 18, do you dare?

Author thuduyen1303

Genre City Language Lust

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Age 16+

He is the director of one of the world's largest corporations. The coldest but most passionate of sex is for Sub-Virgo.

Trịnh Tiểu Cửu is a beautiful girl, kind. Since childhood she has lived with her grandmother, now a staff member of Hai Au bar.

Chapter 1: You Have To Bed With Me

 You are not 18, do you dare?


 344 words

 14:01 29/01/2018

The night was down, the "dark children" again began his game in the famous bar Hai. This place is only for men and beautiful staff with the service "massage" overnight ... In return they will receive a "salary" quite high.

The more the remix, the more adventurous, some of the long legs wrapped around other men, their hands "matxa" into the sensitive men ...

"Hello Wang, I have come." Serving men's invitation.

He- Wang Tu Xia, a good girl on the field, how many girls served here overnight with him, he is a vip guest here, his tip money at least 1000USD.

He sat down, his eyes cold as ice, his back resting on the chair, his lips twitching

"A bottle of Vodka". He said.

An extremely hot, sexy employee walks in and lands on his lap. I did not notice much

Keng .... a sound echoed

All eyes toward the cute little staff named Trinh Tu Cuu. She was a teenager so accidentally fell, the bottle that she broke also cost several thousand dollars so she managed to scold not lightweight.

Zheng Xiaobu bowed and repeatedly said sorry.

A man of 55-year-olds said he was

"I'll pay for this bottle, in return for you to bed with me."

He finished pulling the letter down on his lap.

"We go to your room"

Management has nothing to stop because once she agrees to work here, it also means she has to "bust".

" Wait". Wang Xiaoling

Everyone turned to him.